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Prices correct as of 1st April 2020. Please note prices can vary depending on each individual case

Exam Related ItemsPrices
Examination £30
X-Rays £5.00 per Xray
Emergency consultations£30
Flouride Varnish per tooth£10
Hygienist (30 min appointment)£60
Stain Removal only£45

Periodontal TreatmentPrices
Non-Surgical Periodontal Treatment From £100.00 per 45 Mins Session

Restorative (Fillings per tooth) Prices start from
Temporary Fillings (including GIC)£35
Amalgam (Single surface) £65
Amalgam (2 Surface)£75
Amalgam (3+ Surfaces)£85
Composite (Single Surface)£95
Composite (2 Surfaces)£115
Composite (3+ Surfaces)£135

Endodontics (Root Fillings) per toothPrices From
Endodontic consultations £100
Pulp Extirpation £60
Incisors and canines£400
Incisors and canines retreatment £500
Premolars Retreatment£600
Molars Retreatment £700
Crown and Bridge Work (Per Tooth) Prices start from
Porcelain Bonded to Metal Crown£350
Full Gold Crown (60% Gold)£450
All Porcelain Crown£550
Gold Inlay(60%)£300
Porcelain/Composite Inlay£300
Porcelain Veneers
Composite Veneers£150
Maryland Bridge (Pontic)£300.00 per pontic
Maryland Bridge (Retainer)£100.00 per retainer
Fixed Bridge (pontic)
£300.00 per pontic
Fixed Bridge (Retainer)
£200.00 per retainer
Recementation Crown
Recementation Bridge£45
Prices start from
Full Acrylic Denture per arch
Full Acrylic Denture Set
Full Chrome Denture per arch
Full Chrome Denture set
Partial Acrylic Denture per arch
Partial Chrome Denture per arch
Denture repairs £45
Denture tooth addition £65.00 (2-3 day)

£100.00 (Same Day Express)
Denture clasp addition (metal) £65
Denture clasp addition (tooth coloured) £120
Flexible Dentures £695 per arch

Oral SurgeryPrices start from
Simple Extraction £100.00
Complex Extraction£150

Home Whitening Kit (4 pk gel)£250
Non-Vital Bleaching per session£125
Orthodontic Consultation£40
Orthodontic (Six Month Smiles)
Prices From
Dual Arch Fixed Braces£2500
Dual Arch Relapse Aligners£3000
Dual Arch Aligners£3500
Single Arch Fixed Braces£2000
Mixed Braces and Aligners£3500
Orthodontic Removable Essix Retainers£75.00 per Arch
Orthodontic Removable Duratain Retainers£125.00 per Arch

Botox and FillersPrices
Botox and Fillers Consultation £40
Botox 1 Area - Crows Feet From £190
Botox 2 Areas - Forehead and FrownFrom £210
Botox 3 AreasFrom £250
Lip FillersFrom £270
Dental ImplantsPrices
Dental Implant Consultation£50
Dental ImplantsFrom £2000
Bone GraftingFrom £700
Prices From
Stoning and Smoothing per tooth£10
Dental Records £45
Passport Photos Signing£20
Denture Easing£20
Sportsguard £150