During the first appointment, the abutment teeth are prepared by reducing their size to make room for the crowns. Impressions of the teeth are then taken so a tailor-made bridge can be designed. A temporary bridge is put in place to protect the exposed teeth while the new one is being made.

During the second visit, the new bridge is checked and adjusted to ensure it fits perfectly before being fixed in place with dental cement.

What are the benefits of bridges?

  • An enhanced smile
  • Improved speaking and eating
  • Restored facial shape
  • A better ‘bite’
  • Existing teeth are kept in place

Bridge aftercare

Good oral hygiene is important to keep natural teeth healthy especially as the teeth supporting the bridge need to provide a solid foundation. It is vital to clean under the false tooth daily with a special floss. If you keep this up, and come and see us regularly, you can expect a fixed bridge to last for many years.