It is the policy of this practice to give patients full information about the cost of their dental care before any treatment is undertaken

A list of common treatment charges is available at Reception for treatments provided privately

We will ensure that all patients:

  • Are advised of what they have to pay, when they should pay and how they can pay(e.g. cheque, cash, card, direct transfer)
  • Know what they will receive for their payment (i.e. what treatment or care)
  • Understand whether their treatment is provided privately
  • Are given a written estimate and treatment plan on request or where treatment involves more than routine preventive examination and hygiene care
  • Understand their own responsibilities in terms of payment terms and how to avoid any penalty for overdue fees (missed appointment charges, late payment etc)
  • Are not pressured into signing agreements or paying fees
  • Obtain a receipt for any payments they make and can review their account details
  • Can talk to a staff member who can explain clearly what payments are due and what they are for
  • Can discuss with staff what treatment options and costs are available
  • Are given an estimate where a precise cost cannot be determined in advance (e.g. laboratory work) and will receive timely advice of any additional costs where appropriate

We try to make payment as straightforward as possible.

Reviewed 01/04/2021