Failure to attend and Late Cancellation Policy

Dental Appointments

Every year we loose valuable surgery time because of patients failing to attend their appointments, or cancelling at short notice. This makes it more difficult for us to accommodate our patients in need of urgent treatment, for existing patients to book appointments and for new patients to register here.

A patient who fails to attend their appointment or cancels with less than 24 hours notice will be contacted to advise them that they will be removed from the patients list and will be given one more chance of rebooking the appointment. In the event that a further appointment is issued and that appointment is cancelled at short notice, we may withdraw treatment for the patient at this practice. Discretion will be used if there is a good reason for the appointment being missed.

As with all medical facilities, we aim to see our patients on time but due to the nature of health care, this is not always possible. However, if a patient turns up late for their appointment such that the planned treatment cannot be carried out, this will be counted as failure to attend.

Hygienist appointments
You are required to pay a deposit when booking to see the hygienist. In the event that you faill to attend an appointment with the hygienist or a late cancellation, in line with our practice policy we will not be able to refund the deposit paid.

Text, Email and Phone call reminder system
All texts and reminder phone calls are logged on our system when successfully sent.

It is your responsibility to check your text message, answer phone message and email We will assume that you have received your reminder if it has been logged as successfully sent.


Reviewed 01/04/2021